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Birmingham Solo Travel: 8 Fun Things To Do Alone In Birmingham

    There are so many things to do alone in Birmingham!

    Birmingham is one of the most populated and visited cities in the world. Solo travelers adore this beautiful city and continue to go back every time.

    There are countless things to do in Birmingham alone, so you’ll never get bored no matter how many times you visit the city.

    About Birmingham

    Located in the West Midlands region of England, Birmingham is one of the major cities in England.

    Birmingham Area: 267.8 km²

    Birmingham Timezone: GMT+1

    Birmingham Population: 1.149 Million

    Birmingham Area Code: 0121

    The good news is that there are plenty of things to do alone in Birmingham, but just like Seattle, the city is very easy for solo travelers to navigate.

    Even if it is your first time traveling alone, Birmingham isn’t too big of a beast to tackle.

    Birmingham has a population of more than 1.1 million people, which means there is a melting pot of culture, food, and people.

    Taking a solo trip to London is a choice you won’t regret.

    If you’ve already decided to solo travel Birmingham, here are my top things to do alone Birmingham

    There are tons of other things you can do in Birmingham by yourself, but I wanted to create a list of places to go alone in Birmingham where you won’t feel weird in the slightest being there alone.

    As much as I love visiting the mines, that isn’t on the list. It is fine to visit the mines alone in Birmingham, but it may make some newer solo travelers feel uncomfortable.

    This list is for both the beginner solo travelers and the experienced solo traveler!


    1. Visit The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

    The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is one of the most underrated attractions in Birmingham, and I think it is one of the best places to check out if you’re visiting Birmingham alone.
    Location: Birmingham City Council
    Address: Chamberlain Sq, Birmingham B3 3DH, United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 121 348 8000
    Founded: 1885
    Number of visitors: 644,100 (2019)
    Collection size: 800,000 objects Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is a museum and art gallery in Birmingham, England.
    It has over 800, 000 fine art, ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, natural history, archaeology, ethnography, local history, and industrial history.
    Birmingham Museums Trust runs the museum.
    It is free to visit the museum, but if you are visiting the exhibitions in the Gas Hall, you will have to pay a fee.
    If you want to solo travel Birmingham, but are hesitant because of how the locals might behave towards you, not a single soul will notice you’re alone.
    And if they do, they’ll simply assume the rest of your group is somewhere else in the gallery.

    2. Rent a Bike and Ride Around Sutton Park

    Sutton Park

    One of the things I recommend for those who are solo traveling in Birmingham is to rent a bike and ride around a Park.

    Sutton Park is a great option because it is huge and has lots of sights you can stop and look at.

    Location: Sutton Coldfield

    Address: Park Rd, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield B74 2YT, United Kingdom

    The Park Area Occupies: 71.25 hectares (2,400.0 acres) of land

    Phone: +44 121 355 6370

    Sutton Park is an expansive urban park located in the heart of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, in the West Midlands region of England.

    Most of the park is a national nature reserve; large parts are also scheduled monument.

    Sutton Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United Kingdom. One source reports the park spans more than 2,400 acres, while another claims it is 2,200 acres.

    One of the reasons why Sutton Park is on our list of things to do alone in Birmingham is because there are bikes you can rent all over Sutton and in multiple places in Sutton Park.

    You get half an hour free, and then it is expensive to pay to use the bike after that.

    The good news is that once you return your bike before the 30 minutes is up, you can rent another bike 10 minutes later and get 30 minutes for free again!

    One last thing to be aware of is that if you take your bike out on the road, be sure you’re riding in the right direction and safely.

    3. Visit The Aston Hall

    Aston Hall

    Just like the Birmingham Museum, touring Aston Hall is one of the most underrated things to do in Birmingham.

    Address: Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6JD, United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 121 348 8100

    Construction Started: 1618

    Opened: April 1635

    Aston Hall is a Grade I listed a Jacobean house in Aston, Birmingham, England, designed by John Thorpe and built between 1618 and 1635.

    Another reason why visiting The Aston is on our list of things to do alone in Birmingham is because it is a leading example of the Jacobean prodigy house.

    In 1864, Birmingham Corporation bought the house, making it the first historic country house to pass into municipal ownership, and is still owned by Birmingham City Council.

    The Aston Hall is currently a community museum managed by the Birmingham Museums Trust. After a major renovation that was completed in 2009, the museum is now open to the public from spring to winter.

    If you plan to solo travel Birmingham, even if you’re not into building and architecture, visiting Aston Hall is worth the price of admission alone.

    You also learn about many interesting historical events that took place in the building.

    4. Watch A Show At Star City

    Star City

    One of the best things to do alone in Birmingham at night is to watch a show at the cinema in Star City.

    Address:32 Watson Rd, Nechells, Birmingham B7 5SA, United Kingdom

    Phone:+44 121 270 4455

    Star City is a large family leisure and entertainment complex situated in Nechells, Birmingham, England.

    It is located in the north-east of the city, very close to Junction 6 of the M6 freeway, and Aston railway station.

    I’ll always encourage people to watch a movie at Star City. They’re absolutely fabulous and a fun way to spend a night alone in Birmingham.

    5. Explore The Birmingham Botanical Garden

    Birmingham Botanical Garden

    Exploring the Birmingham botanical garden is one of the most interesting things to do alone in Birmingham.

    If you have any interest in nature and flowers, this should be a must-do for anyone solo traveling in Birmingham.

    You get to tour various parts of the garden, including the glasshouse, the small water ponds, and the gardens.

    The Birmingham botanical garden is a unique opportunity to learn about birds, flowers, plants, and nature.

    Address: Westbourne Rd, Birmingham B15 3TR, United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 121 454 1860

    Another reason why this place is on our list of things to do alone in Birmingham is that it is free to visit.

    6. Tour The Tam Worth Castle

    This is another hidden gem in Birmingham, and one of the best things to do in Birmingham alone.

    I love the history behind the Tam Worth castle. I actually stumbled while looking for places to visit in Birmingham.

    This castle is one of the most significant surviving castles used by the Mexican king during the Saxon time. However, the building became useless after the Vikings invasion.

    Touring this castle is one of the most interesting things to do in Birmingham, but so few people know about it.

    The castle is located across the mouth of the River Anker into the Tame in the town of Tamworth in Staffordshire, England.

    7. Join A Free Walking Tour

    Free walking tours are one of the best things to do while solo traveling

    You can explore part of the city with a local tour guide, and it doesn’t cost you anything except a tip.

    There are tons of free walking tours in Birmingham, and you can find a free walking tour for any interest you have!

    You can choose from various tour operators based on what you want to see and what time works best for you.

    I suggest you use Free Tours by Foot. Many people who have used it have had good experiences.

    There will be many people on your tour, and it is easy to stay at the back of the pack and go unnoticed if you want.

    Free walking tours are also a great way to meet other solo travelers. Many people who join free walking tours are younger, and you may meet some people to tour around with for the rest of the day.

    No matter what, I highly recommend taking a free walking tour near the start of your trip.

    8. Take A Day Trip

    Birmingham is such a small part of what the UK has to offer.

    If you’re traveling alone, it’s super tempting to stay in Birmingham and explore everything it has to offer, but you should consider taking a day trip.

    There are many cities you can visit on a day trip from Birmingham, which only takes a few hours to get to by train or bus.

    My top picks are Leicester, Wolverhampton, and Coventry

    All three cities give you a taste of a different side of the UK and get you out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

    If you can only choose one, I highly recommend Leicester. I love it so much!

    Taking a day trip outside Birmingham may seem intimidating when you’re traveling alone in Birmingham, but it’s actually super easy.

    You just need to hop on the train, get off, wander around the city, and hop on the train again when it is time to leave.

    Not only is taking a day trip one of the best things to do alone in Birmingham, but it also helps you develop your solo travel skills and become a more confident traveler!


    As you can see, there are many things you can do in Birmingham alone.

    Birmingham is truly one of the most welcoming cities for solo travelers, and it is a great city to start your solo travel journey in.

    I 100% believe you shouldn’t let traveling alone hold you back from anything you want to do.

    Your uncomfortable feeling will disappear once you’re experiencing the attraction.

    You’ll regret it in the long run if you don’t visit the attraction you’re dying to see.

    All the things to do alone in Birmingham on this list are very easy for beginner solo travelers. Nobody will care that you’re alone, and nobody will bat an eye at you.

    But, these aren’t the only things to do alone in Birmingham. Anything you would like to do with a friend or family member can easily be done alone.

    I challenge you to put aside the fact that you’re traveling alone and plan your dream vacation to Birmingham!

    It truly is one of the best cities in the world!