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10 Best Things To Do In Suhl, Germany

    Located in Thuringia, Germany – Suhl is a city of about 36,000 people, and it is popularly known for its history of gun manufacturing.

    There are many quirky, unique, unusual, historic, and secret spots to discover in Suhl.

    One of the most popular landmarks in Suhl is the Domberg, a hill in the city center that is home to several historic buildings, including the St. Mary’s Church and the Suhl City Museum.

    When you climb Domberg Hill, you can see a stunning view of the city and the surrounding countryside.

    So in this post, we are going to discuss in detail what to do in Suhl, from the most popular spots in the city to tours that will help you see it all with ease and at once!

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    1. Visit The Waffenmuseum Weapons Museum

    Waffenmuseum Weapons Museum

    From the 13th century up until till 18th century Suhl was just a small mining and metalworking town, however, when industrialization happened in the 19th Suhl became the center of Germany’s weapons production.

    During that period, Suhl was mainly focused on producing rifles and guns.

    This museum contains a range of modern, ancient, and hunting weapons like wheel lock guns, crossbows, hunting knives, and weapons that were used in World War 1 and World War 2

    One of my favorite things about this museum is the way it focuses on telling people about how Suhl grew into a big weapon manufacturing hub.

    When you tour the museum, you can see some of the machines that were also used in producing arms during the First and second world wars.

    So if you’re a world war or gun enthusiast, then consider adding this museum to your bucket list.


    2. Explore the Fahrzeugmuseum Museum, Suhl

    Fahrzeugmuseum Museum, Suhl 

    One of the best attractions in Suhl that is worth visiting is the Fahrzeugmuseum.

    This museum is located in the heart of Suhl, and it is mainly focused on preserving the history of transportation in Suhl and Germany.

    When you visit this museum you can see what bikes, cars, motorcycles, and trucks looked like in the olden days.

    This is definitely the one of most unique museum I’ve ever seen, there are a lot of stuff to see,

    This place does not feel like a museum, It is more like a collection of different types of cars from the 1900s.

    If you’re into engineering, you might end up spending hours here without knowing.

    The museum is usually open from 2 pm to 5 pm, so try as much as you can to visit during this timeframe.

    Things to do in suhl

    3. Just Wander Around

    Sometimes you just need to forget about visiting museums or historic sites and just wander around.

    The main city of Suhl is small enough that you can walk it for several hours.

    Explore the streets, sit, and relax in the small squares that punctuate the city.

    You can also go cafe-hopping for coffee or wine, and just enjoy this city without feeling like you have to check a bunch of sites off of your to-do list.


     4. Visit the Suhl Zoo

    Suhl Zoo

    Imagine visiting Suhl without checking out the Suhl Zoo. It is more like eating fries without the sauce.

    The Suhl Zoo is another attraction in Suhl that is worth visiting, the zoo is home to a wide variety of animals including domestic and wild animals.

    One of the things I personally like about this museum is how it focuses on local wildlife animals like the wild boar and lynx.

    If you are looking for things to do in Suhl with your kids, then I suggest you take them to this museum.

    The museum is Ideal for children, as there is a playground and various play facilities, and you can even make visiting this zoo more fun for your kids by getting them to feed the animals.

    So if you’re a lover of nature or if you’re just looking for things to do in Suhl with your kids, then Suhl Zoo is definitely worth a visit.


    5. Hike Around The Thuringian Forest

    Hike Thuringian Forest

    A visit to Suhl is not complete without participating in some outdoor activities like hiking or camping.

    The Thuringian Forest is a beautiful forest that offers tourists a huge opportunity to participate in different outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

    There are so many hiking trails and bike paths in the Thurigian forest,

    One of the most popular hiking trails is the Rennsteig trail which, is approximately 170-kilometer long, and runs through the heart of the Thuringian Forest, and the Suhl City Forest,

    One of the reasons why I tell people to engage in outdoor activities like hiking or camping whenever they visit a city is because you get to experience the region’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

    For your safety, I recommend you hike in a group because it is very likely that you might encounter a wild boar or deer while hiking.

    So if you want to enjoy the outdoors of Suhl, then hiking through the Thuringian Forest is a perfect way to do that.


    6. Attend an Event At The Congress Centrum Suhl.

    Congress Centrum Suhl.

    The Congress Centrum is one of the most popular event centers in Suhl, and it is located in the middle of Thuringian.

    Every year different events like music shows, conferences, theatrical performances, trade shows, and concerts are hosted here.

    You can check out their website to see if there is any upcoming event.

    If you are a party freak, you will definitely love the center’s concert series, which features performances by some of the world’s famous musicians and artists.

    Apart from hosting concerts, educational programs take place here too.

    So if you’re looking to learn one or two things, then you should definitely visit here.


    7. Take A Day Trip To Nearby Cities

    Another thing on our list of things to do in Suhl is to take a day trip to a nearby city since there are many beautiful towns near Suhl

    The three nearby towns I suggest you check out are Weimar, Oberhof, and Erfurt.

    Erfurt is popularly known for being for its rich cultural scene and also for being home to different medieval structures like the magnificent cathedral.

    If you choose to go on a day trip to Erfurt, then you can check out the magnificent cathedral, the Krämerbrücke, and the Angermuseum, which showcases the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.

    While Weimar is popularly known for being home to one of the most famous German writers like Goethe and many more

    If you choose to visit, Weimar, you can check out the Bauhaus Museum or attend a show at the National Theater.

    And the third town we recommend you take a day trip to is Oberhof.

    Oberhof is mainly known for its world-class ski resort.

    If you happen to visit Oberhof, you can visit some attractions like the Rennsteig, a long-distance hiking trail that runs through the forest, and the DKB-Ski-Arena, a ski resort that hosts international competitions.


    8. Attend a Traditional Thuringian festival

    Apart from visiting nearby cities and exploring museums, another fun thing to do in Suhl is to attend the Thuringia Festival.

    The Thuringia festival is one of the most famous festivals in Germany, and it usually takes place during the Christmas period.

    During the Thuringia festival, you will find a lot of stores that sell different local clothing, decorations, and local dishes like Thuringian sausages and gingerbread.

    Another Thuringia festival that’s worth attending is the Thuringia Dumpling Festival, which takes place every year in Heichelheim.

    The festival is mainly focused on celebrating one of the region’s most beloved best dishes, the Thuringia dumpling.

    Visitors can sample a wide range of dumpling dishes, from savory options like bacon and sauerkraut to sweet varieties like plum and poppy seed.

    The festival also features live music, traditional crafts, and a dumpling-making competition.


    9. Try Some Local Cuisines At Restaurant Delphi

    Imagine visiting a town without trying some of the local dishes. It doesn’t make sense, right?

    One of the local dishes I recommend you try out is the Thuringia bratwurst, a type of sausage made from pork, beef, and spices.

    The dish is usually served with sauerkraut, mustard, and some potatoes.

    Another local dish you can try out is the Thuringia meat platter, which is made up of cured meats, liverwurst, and blood sausage, with some slices of bread.

    And the third dish I recommend you check out is the Thuringian potato soup, which is made with local potatoes and served with croutons and fresh herbs.

    You can try also these dishes out at Restaurant Delphi.

    Address: Steinweg 13, 98527 Suhl, Thuringia Germany

    Phone: +49 3681 458037


    10. Climb Bismarckturm Domberg To Get An Eagle Eye View Of The City

    Bismarckturm Domberg Suhl

    One of the most famous monuments in Suhl is the Domberg observation tower.

    Climbing to this tower to get an eagle-eye view of Suhl is one of the things I strongly recommend for everyone visiting Suhl.

    The Bismarckturm Domberg was constructed in 1902 in honor of Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of Germany.

    The tower is approximately 650+ meters above sea level long, and you can access the stop by climbing a spiral staircase that leads to an observation deck at the top.

    View From Bismarckturm Domberg

    On a clear sunny day, you can as far as the Thuringian Forest and the neighboring towns and villages.



    There are so many other things to do in Suhl, Germany.

    However, the activities I listed here are the ones that will give you the most fun.

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