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10 Best Restaurants In Demopolis, Alabama

    Looking for the best restaurants in Demopolis, Alabama? We got you.

    Demopolis is located in Marengo County, in the west-central part of Alabama, and it has a population of about 7162 people.

    Just as Demopolis is home to a lot of amazing restaurants, it is also home to a lot of amazing tourist attractions like Bluff Hall, Demopolis Town Square, and Foscue Park.

    Due to the number of restaurants in Demopolis, choosing a restaurant that is worth dining at can be a big task.

    After in-depth research and testing, we have curated a list of the best restaurants in Demopolis, Alabama.

    By the end of this post, you should be able to find a restaurant that serves the type of food you are craving.

    With that said, here are the best restaurants in Demopolis

    1. Foscue House Restaurant

    Foscue House Restaurant

    We had the ribeye steak, and it was absolutely amazing and the people who worked there were really nice, and the service was great!

    I really liked sitting outside on the back patio and picking out my own ribeye steak.

    It was definitely worth the money, and I will go back again.

    The atmosphere and the food were both really amazing, just like always.

    It’s one of our favorite restaurants in Demopolis to eat at.

    The food was more expensive than I thought, but the quality of food they gave us for the amount we paid was good.

    Service Options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

    Recommended dishes: Seafood Platter, Shrimp, and Grits

    Address: AL-8, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-1886

    2. Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant

    las fuentes mexican restaurant

    We ate at this restaurant a few times when we visited Demopolis recently.

    They have the absolute best Margaritas in town, no doubt about it!

    My favorite is the Peach Frozen Margarita, but all the other flavors are tasty too.

    I really liked the Pollo Asada dish, it was delicious and came in a big serving.

    The special sauce on the salad was really yummy.

    My chief content editor enjoyed the Liberty Special with steak, shrimp, and chicken!

    The staff was super friendly, and they answered all our questions

    I’ll be going back again very soon!

    We usually have high standards when it comes to Mexican food, this food here is great.

    We’ve been to many Mexican restaurants, but this one is the best!

    Service Options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

    Recommended dishes: Salsa, Chicken Fajitas & Quesadilla

    Address: 1319 US-80, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-0865

    3. Jack’s Restaurant

    Jack's Fries

    I went there for breakfast and decided to try the coffee, and it was not as good as I expected.

    It was fresh, but it didn’t have any taste.

    I’ve had coffee at other places like Linden, Greensboro, and Moundville, and it was great.

    I don’t understand why the coffee at the Demopolis place is not good.

    The Chicken tenders were delicious, I think that’s the only food that impressed me.

    Also, when you go there, be ready to clean your own table!

    It wasn’t super amazing, but it was definitely better than most fast-food restaurants.

    Service Options: Dine-in · Drive-through · No delivery

    Recommended dishes: Sandwiches, Chicken tenders, and Fries

    Address: 801 US-80, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-239-4922

    4. The Red Barn

    The Red Barn

    We came across this restaurant while we were looking for a bar in Demopolis where we can relax.

    My favorite is the grilled pork chops with a loaded baked potato and a side salad.

    The atmosphere in this restaurant is cool.

    We ordered the house margarita, and it tasted way better than I expected.

    The server did a great job checking on all the tables and the prices were fair too.

    I will definitely go back again to this restaurant whenever I’m in Demopolis

    I’m always skeptical when it comes to eating steaks at restaurants, but this one was superb.

    We had a fantastic time listening to live music at the upstairs bar.

    If you’re looking for good restaurants in Demopolis with a bar and pool games, then I suggest you try this place out.

    Service Options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup

    Recommended dishes: Fried Shrimp, Catfish, and Cajun Combo

    Address: 901 US-80, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-654-5005

    5. River City Soul

    River City Soul Demopolis

    Today, we went to try out a new restaurant for lunch and since I like supporting local businesses, I decided to try this restaurant.

    And guess what? The food was way better than I expected!

    I had fried chicken and my teammate had BBQ ribs, and each dish came with three different sides.

    The customer service was amazing, and the atmosphere inside the restaurant was bright, fresh, and clean.

    For just $15, you get a meal with meat and three vegetables.

    We even got to meet the owners, who were super nice and wanted to make sure we were happy with everything.

    We definitely want to go back for dinner before we leave. We highly recommend this restaurant!

    I will definitely go back there again.

    Service Options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No delivery

    Recommended dishes: BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken, and Grilled Salmon

    Address: 1621 US-43, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-0139

    6. A Slab and More BBQ

    A Slab and More BBQ

    I Came across this restaurant while I was searching for BBQs in Demopolis.

    I ordered a plate of brisket with collard greens and beans, and it was fantastic.

    I would say this place is one of the best barbecue restaurants in Demopolis

    And let me tell you, their cornbread is amazing!

    The pork sandwich was really tasty, and I loved the homemade fries they served.

    If you want ribs, make sure to go early because they ran out while we were there.

    Service Options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery

    Recommended dishes: Fried Okra, Potato Salad, and Slab of Ribs

    Address: 803 E Pettus St, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-0084

    7. Aloha Hawaiian Grill

    Aloha Hawaiian Grill

    I chose the Mama Lōpū dish with chicken and steak, and it came with sticky rice and leafy greens.

    The chicken and steak were really tender and tasty.

    The sticky rice was so good, it had a little bit of sweetness to it, but the best part is the sauce, It’s the star of the meal!

    Make sure to ask for extra sauce to dip your food in.

    Don’t be fooled by the fact that Aloha Hawaiian Grill is next to the Chevron gas station, once you step inside, you’ll see how good it is.

    The food is delicious and the people behind the counter are really friendly and nice.

    Try this restaurant out and you won’t be disappointed.

    Service Options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

    Recommended dishes: Teriyaki Steak, and Hawaiian Wrap with Teriyaki Chicken

    Address: 1500 US-80, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-0084

    8. Mr. G’s Pizza

    Mr. G's Pizza

    We stopped at this restaurant to have lunch after driving for more than 2 hours.

    We ordered the lunch special, and it came with spaghetti, meat sauce, a green salad, and garlic bread.

    And the total cost was only $9.

    The spaghetti sauce had a lot of flavors and the portion was big enough to fill an adult.

    We ate inside the restaurant, but we also had a take-out order ready for us when we left.

    The atmosphere in the restaurant was way better than I expected, it was cool and relaxed.

    The dining area was comfortable and open, and it was not too crowded.

    Service Options: Dine-in · Drive-through

    Recommended dishes: Chicken Alfredo, Supreme Pizza, and Lasagna Dinner

    Address: 1053 US-80, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-4149

    9. Simply Delicious Bakery & Eatery

    Simply Delicious Bakery & Eatery

    I went to a restaurant because many people recommended I check it out and it lived up to its name.

    For lunch, you get to choose an entrée along with two side dishes and a drink.

    I ordered the fried pork chop, which had a good taste but was a bit dry.

    My sides were Brussels sprouts and mac ‘n cheese, and they were both really yummy.

    I also ordered the broccoli cheese soup, and it was delicious.

    They also have different slices of cake that are amazing.

    Parking: There’s plenty of free parking in their parking lot.

    The dining room was clean and nice.

    The food was great, and they serve the best iced tea in town with the meal!

    Many people were there with their friends, enjoying lunch, just like me.

    By the way, the staff was super friendly!

    I really recommend this restaurant!

    Service Options: Dine-in · Drive-through · No delivery

    Recommended Dishes: Peach Cobbler, Taco Salad, and Chicken Spaghetti

    Address: 973 US-80, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-7301

    10. Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant

    Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant

    This was my first time visiting this restaurant and the food, staff, and atmosphere here were way better than I imagined.

    I had the lemon pepper fish with mac and cheese and okra.

    Let me tell you, they have the absolute best fried white fish ever!

    It takes a little bit of time to get your food, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

    The employees there are always very nice and they do a great job.

    The fish is cooked from scratch and which is why it takes a little longer to get your order.

    Nobody in Demopolis, Alabama serves hot food like Captain D’s does.

    For takeout, we bought two big pieces of fried white fish

    Service Options: Dine-in · Drive-through · Delivery

    Recommended Dishes: Okra and Fish

    Address: 710 US-80 E, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

    Phone: +1 334-289-2557


    I hope this guide inspires you to visit the best restaurants in Demopolis, Alabama, and enjoy some of the most delicious food the city has to offer!

    Happy dining!