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10 Best Things To Do In Hornsea, Yorkshire

    1. Visit The Hornsea Museum
    Hornsea Museum

    The Hornsea Museum, located in the picturesque coastal town of Hornsea, East Yorkshire, England, is a treasure mine of history just waiting to be discovered.

    This award-winning attraction goes beyond the stereotype of a dusty archive, providing a dynamic and immersive experience that appeals to a wide range of customers.

    Hornsea Museum has something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, a ceramics enthusiast, or just looking for a fun family adventure.

    The museum’s core is in its six historic buildings, each of which tells a story from a previous age.

    The 18th-century farmhouse, which served as the Burn family’s home for nearly 300 years, exemplifies country living.

    Period rooms faithfully reproduce the Victorian era, including a quaint schoolroom, doctor’s surgery, and inviting parlor, bringing guests back in time.

    The Swallow Cottage, a lovely weaver’s cottage, adds to the experience with realistic furnishings and anecdotes about local crafts.

    This dedicated room has an astounding collection of over 2,000 pieces that demonstrate the growth and artistry of Hornsea’s well-known pottery brand.

    The collection, which includes the renowned Fauna range as well as the delicate Felicity pattern, illustrates evolving tastes and design trends throughout the twentieth century.

    Whether you’re drawn to history, the colorful creativity of ceramics, or simply a pleasant family adventure, Hornsea Museum guarantees a journey that will leave you enlightened.

    2. Relax At Hornsea Beach

    Hornsea Beach

    The Hornsea Beach is located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and it is more than just a sandy strip of coast.

    Imagine sinking your toes into the soft, warm sand and feeling the gentle breeze caress your face as you gaze upon the vast expanse of the North Sea.

    Hornsea Beach stretches for 2 miles, offering ample space for leisurely strolls, energetic games of beach volleyball, or simply relaxing with a good book.

    For those seeking more active pursuits, Hornsea Beach offers a variety of options.

    You can engage in Kite flying, Windsurfing, windsurfing, building sandcastles and kayaking.

    You can also explore the nearby rock pools teeming with marine life, or embark on a coastal walk along the scenic Flamborough Headland.

    Beyond the sandy shores, Hornsea Beach is backed by a charming promenade lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops.

    Take a stroll along the promenade, indulge in delicious ice cream, or savor fresh seafood at one of the local eateries

    3. Explore Bugtopia Hornsea Zoo

    Nestled in the charming seaside town of Hornsea, England, Bugtopia Hornsea Zoo is more than just your typical zoo.

    It’s an immersive journey into the fascinating world of invertebrates, offering a unique and exciting experience for visitors of all ages.

    While “bug” is in its name, Bugtopia offers much more than just insects.
    You’ll encounter a diverse range of animals, including reptiles, amphibians, and even birds of prey.

    Bugtopia is committed to making the zoo accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

    They offer:

    Wheelchair access: All areas of the zoo are accessible by wheelchair.

    Dedicated staff assistance: Friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to answer questions and provide assistance.

    Sensory-friendly experiences: The zoo provides quieter spaces and resources for visitors with sensory sensitivities.

    4. Play Golf At Hornsea Golf Club

    Hornsea Golf Club

    This 18-hole golf course, founded in 1898 and nestled in isolated parkland, provides a hard and rewarding round, as well as great amenities and a warm welcome.

    Alex (Sandy) Herd, the 1902 Open Champion, designed the current course, which opened in 1908.

    The course has been renovated in recent years to ensure that it remains tough and entertaining for modern golfers.

    Hornsea Golf Club provides more than simply a difficult game of golf.

    The club has a number of good facilities, including: A well-stocked Pro Shop with the newest equipment, gear, and accessories.

    A cutting-edge Golf Studio with launch monitors, high-speed cameras, and swing analysis tools to help you improve your game.

    A covered practice area that is ideal for warming up or sharpening your

    A large putting green ideal for improving your short game.

    A lovely clubhouse with a bar and restaurant provides a relaxing environment to enjoy a post-round meal or drink.

    Ready to Tee Off at Hornsea Golf Club?


    Address: Hornsea Golf Club, Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire HU18 6BX, UK

    Green Fees: Vary depending on the season and day of the week.

    Check the website for current rates. Contact: +44 1964 534222

    5. Have Fun At Jump Around Inflata-Park

    Inflata-Park Hornsea

    Forget the beach for a minute (although it’s lovely!), let’s talk bouncing!

    If you’re in Hornsea with your little adventurers, trust me, Jump Around Inflata Park is a game-changer.

    Imagine a giant, super-bouncy playground filled with slides, tunnels, obstacles, and ball pits – yeah, that’s Jump Around.

    It’s like someone took a regular play area and cranked the fun factor up to eleven!

    And guess what? It’s not just for the little ones.

    Parents can join in the bouncing bonanza (seriously, who doesn’t love a good slide?) or relax in the seating area with a coffee, watching the mini-ninjas conquer the inflatable jungle.

    Speaking of conquering, birthday parties at Jump Around are legendary. Imagine the look on your kid’s face when they see this inflatable wonderland!

    And don’t worry, the grown-ups haven’t been forgotten.

    There are arcade games to keep you entertained while the kids bounce themselves silly, and the cafe has drinks and snacks to refuel everyone after all that bouncing fun.

    Trust me, your inner child (and your actual kids!) will thank you for it.

    6. Hornsea Rail Trail

    Hornsea Rail Trail

    Picture this: a 10-mile path running through Yorkshire’s countryside, past rolling hills and tranquil villages, with a view of the Humber Estuary glowing in the distance.

    Seems really nice, right?

    This isn’t a difficult hike, but rather a leisurely stroll, ideal for families with young legs or anyone looking to take in the landscape.

    Furthermore, the majority of the path is traffic-free, allowing you to chat, ride, or even trot along on horseback without worry.

    This trail used to be a railway, and there are interesting vestiges such as the former Sigglesthorne Station, which is now a wildlife sanctuary.

    Want to get the most out of your adventure?

    The Hornsea Rail Trail website and local tourism bureaus are your greatest friends.

    They offer guided tours, seasonal events, and even hidden treasures such as secret waterfalls or the ideal picnic places.

    With a little research, you can transform this into a wonderful adventure.

    So skip the regular tourist traps and check this place out.

    7. Honeysuckle Farm

    Forget the plastic cows and fake mooing! Because I’m about to tell you about a real adventure: Honeysuckle Farm!

    Honeysuckle is a proper working farm near Hornsea, where you can get your hands dirty (in a good way, of course!).

    This ain’t your typical “petting zoo” with bored animals.

    Here, you’re stepping onto a real, working farm, complete with mooing cows, fluffy sheep, and maybe even a cheeky pig or two.

    And the best part? This family-run farm is all about sharing their love for the countryside.

    The staff are super friendly and passionate, ready to answer your questions and make sure you have a blast.

    Plus, compared to other tourist traps, Honeysuckle Farm is easy on the wallet, making it perfect for families or budget travelers.

    Just a few heads-up before you visit here, check their website for opening hours and special events and wear comfy clothes.

    Bonus points if you bring your furry friend along – Honeysuckle Farm is dog-friendly!

    So, forget the artificial theme parks and immerse yourself in the real deal

    8. Relax At Hall Garth Park

    Hall Garth Park

    Hall Garth Park, is more like your chill grandpa’s backyard on steroids.

    It’s 40 acres of pure green bliss, perfect for anyone wanting to escape the hustle and bustle.

    Sprawling meadows for picnics, winding paths for peaceful walks, and even a picturesque lake for that perfect Instagram shot.

    So, if you’re looking for a place to relax, have fun with the family, or just soak up some nature, Hall Garth Park is your jam.

    Plus, the park changes clothes with the seasons, so you’ll always have something new to discover – spring’s flower explosion, summer’s shady haven, or autumn’s fiery foliage.

    Kids can go wild in the dedicated play area with swings, slides, and climbing frames that would make any monkey jealous.

    And for the older adventurers, there’s a sweet skate park with ramps, rails, and bowls to shred.

    And the best part? Throughout the year, the park throws awesome events like concerts, festivals, and outdoor activities.

    So, you can catch some tunes, grab some food, and let the good times roll – all without leaving this green oasis.

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    9. Attend An Event At Floral Hall

    Floral Hall

    Floral Hall is more like a community living room with a twist!

    This charming building, built in 1927, used to be all about flowers (hence the name!), but nowadays, it’s a vibrant hub buzzing with events, activities, and good vibes for everyone.

    Feeling musical? Catch some live tunes or a theatrical performance.

    Want to learn something new? Attend a conference or workshop.

    Craving family fun? Take the kids to a show or activity.

    There’s always something happening at Floral Hall!

    Unlike some fancy attractions, Floral Hall won’t break the bank.

    Many events are free or affordable, making it a great choice for families and budget travelers.

    What makes Floral Hall truly special is the people behind it. It’s run by volunteers, so you’re sure to experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Tip: Popular events sell out fast, so book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

    10. Explore Hornsea Mere

    Hornsea Mere

    Hornsea Mere is where you go to breathe in fresh air, soak up nature’s beauty, and reconnect with your inner peace warrior.

    This ain’t your average lake; it’s a whopping 467 acres of shimmering water, lush reedbeds, and rolling hills that paint a picture straight out of a fairytale.

    Hornsea Mere is a haven for feathered friends.

    Spot graceful swans gliding across the water, and maybe even a glimpse of a kingfisher or a majestic grey heron.

    It’s a birdwatching wonderland!

    Feeling adventurous? Rent a rowing boat or kayak and explore the tranquil waters at your own pace.

    Feeling more competitive? Join the Hornsea Sailing Club and test your skills on the open water.

    Or, if you prefer a relaxing activity, cast a line and try your luck at fishing (don’t forget your permit!).

    Nature’s our playground, so let’s treat it with respect.

    Be mindful of the environment, wildlife, and local community while you enjoy this natural gem.


    Hornsea isn’t just a dot on the map; it’s a charming seaside town that serves as your key to unlocking the magic of Yorkshire.

    Think quaint streets lined with independent shops, delicious local bites, and a warm welcome from friendly faces.

    Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or a family seeking seaside fun, Hornsea has something for everyone.

    To make the most of your Hornsea escape, here are some handy tips:

    Consider The Season: Yorkshire’s weather can be unpredictable, so pack accordingly.
    Certain activities and attractions are also seasonal, so do your research beforehand.

    Check Local Events: From vibrant festivals to charming farmers’ markets, local events can add a special touch to your trip.

    Keep an eye on the Hornsea tourism website or local event calendars.

    Indulge in The local Flavors: Don’t miss out on Yorkshire’s culinary delights!

    Sample fresh seafood caught right off the coast, savor traditional dishes like fish and chips or Yorkshire pudding, and treat yourself to local ales and gins.

    Embrace The Pace: Hornsea is all about slowing down and enjoying the simple things.

    Take leisurely walks along the beach, chat with friendly locals, and soak in the relaxed atmosphere.

    Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to pack your camera – you’ll want to capture all the incredible memories you make in Hornsea and its surrounding gems.