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Odeon Dorchester Complete Review: Is It The Best Dorchester Cinema?

    If you’re reading this post, you might be wondering if spending your money to watch a movie at Odeon Dorchester Cinema is worth it.

    In this Odeon Dorchester review, we’ll explore this cinema from top to bottom.

    We’ll discuss everything they offer and by the end of this post, we can decide on whether it’s worth visiting.

    Factors like ticket price, show times, film selection, seating arrangement, etc. can determine whether a cinema is worth visiting or not.

    Therefore, in this Dorchester Cinema review, we will cover:

    • An Overview of Odeon Dorchester
    • Location
    • Ticketing & Pricing
    • Show Times
    • Film Listings
    • Customer Service
    • Screen and Seating Arrangement
    • Food and Refreshment
    • Facilities & Amenities

    With that said, let’s get started!

    Overview of Odeon Dorchester Cinema

    Odeon Dorchester

    Located just 300 meters away from Premier Inn Hotel, stands Odeon Dorchester.

    A cinema that has served as a place of timeless entertainment for the resident of Dorchester for more than a decade.

    This cinema was built in 2012 and since then it has been, captivating its audiences which consist of families, adults, and kids with different kinds of movies.

    On a good day, once you step into this building, you will experience different types of emotions like a sense of anticipation and excitement.

    The lobby of this cinema is designed with posters from different movies like Fast and Furious, Guardian of the Galaxy, and many more.

    When you step into the theater, you will notice that the people who built this cinema paid attention to detail, from the stadium-like seating arrangement to the crystal clear sound system.



    The Odeon Dorchester is located at Drayhorse Yard, Weymouth Ave, Dorchester DT1 1GA, United Kingdom.

    A popular landmark that is near this Cinema is Brewery Square.

    If you’re coming from Wessex Road, you can take a bus from Wessex Way Bus station, stop at Brewery Square bus stop and then stroll to the cinema.

    The same applies to those coming from, Bridport Road, Mansell Square, and any other place, just locate a bus station that’s near you, stop at Brewery Square, and then trek to the cinema.

    The distance between Brewery Square and the cinema is less than 150 meters (a 2 minutes walk)


    Ticket & Pricing

    Ticket prices starts at £5 and go up to £30

    The amount you will pay for the ticket depends on the seating position or seating plan you choose.

    The standard seating ticket costs £6.95 for adults, £6.00 for a kid, and £12 for an adult and a child.

    The premier seating ticket costs £8.95 for adults, £8.00 for children, and £16 for an adult and a child.

    The wheelchair space ticket costs £6.95 for adults, £6.00 for kids, and £12 for an adult and a child.

    Tickets are free for companions/carers.

    The tickets are a fair bit more expensive than the other cinema in town, like Plaza Cinema

    If you want to save money, then I suggest you book the tickets online than at the cinema.

    You can even take it further and join myODEON, a free-to-join membership with great perks and benefits, including daily savings.

    You can also join, myLimitless, a loyalty program that gives you helps you save more money and also gain access to as many films as you like.

    Not only that, but you’ll also get access to exclusive benefits, including access to member-only preview screenings.


    Movie Show Times

    One of the things I personally like about this cinema is how flexible their show times are.

    Realizing that your customers have different commitments and lifestyles, the theater ensures makes sure that there are screenings throughout the day, starting from the early morning to late in the evening.

    Because of how flexible the show times are, you can watch a movie at a time that suits you.

    This can be in the morning before work, during lunch breaks, or in the evening after a long day.

    Odeon Dorchester has 5 main show times, they are:

    • Morning (10am or 11am)
    • Early Afternoon (12 pm or 1 pm)
    • Late afternoon (2 pm or 3 pm)
    • Evening (4 pm or 5 pm)
    • Night (7 pm, 8 pm, or 9 pm)

    Sometimes, show times might vary, and this is usually because of the length of the movie that’s going to be streamed.

    So In order to keep its customer informed and up-to-date, the Odeon Dorchester makes show time information readily available on its website or app.

    Visit the website to see the show times for the movie you plan to watch.

    Film Listings

    Another reason why I love this Cinema is because of the captivating selection of films that are shown here.

    A wide range of movies ranging from cartoons, Hollywood blockbusters, and documentaries to independent gems are shown here.

    Odeon Dorchester tries as much as it to keep its diverse audience by showing films that celebrate various cultures and explore different social issues.

    In the past, this cinema has streamed popular films like Fast Furious, The Little Mermaid, Nachos, and many more.

    The only drawback is that you might not be any movie you want when you want.

    Food and Refreshments

    Just like every other Odeon Cinema in the United Kingdom, Odeon Dorchester also has its own bar where you can order drinks or snacks.

    The two snacks I personally like are Churros and a bag of Kit Kit Biscoff Bites.

    If you’re not a big fan of junk foods, you can order chicken strips, nachos, or Mozzarella sticks at the bar or online using the Odeon app.

    If you want to reduce costs, you can bring your own food, since it is allowed.


    Screen and Seating Arrangement

    Odeon Dorchester has three main screens.

    The sitting arrangement inside the theater is arranged in a stadium-like manner, so each viewer can have a crystal clear view of the screen regardless of where they are sitting.

    Customer Service

    One of the things that determine whether I will visit a cinema, hotel, or restaurant again is how they treat their customers.

    Some businesses are so bad that you would prefer to light your money on fire than give it to them.

    Fortunately, that’s not the case with this cinema.

    Staff are very friendly and are always to providing assistance whenever it is needed.

    If you have any questions regarding ticketing, seating arrangement, or parking, just approach any of the staff and ask for directions.


    Facilities and Amenities

    This cinema offers so many amenities and facilities that will make your stay here enjoyable and worry-free.

    When it comes to parking, there is an onsite parking space that is available opposite the cinema.

    Parking is free from 6 pm to 1:30 pm.

    As for the toilets, they are always clean and tidy, however, I noticed that the toilets that are located downstairs are always clean compared to the ones that are upstairs.

    The facilities provided for those that are disabled are wonderful, the only downside is signage could be a little better.


    Final Verdict


    Odeon Dorchester

    Buy Ticket

    Overall Review of Odeon Dorchester Cinema

    Ticket and Pricing 7
    Customer Service 10
    Screen & Seating Arrangement 9
    Film Listing 9
    Food and Refreshment 9
    Facilities and Amenities 9

    Finally, is Odeon Dorchester the best cinema in Dorchester?

    Generally speaking, Odeon Dorchester is a superb cinema that is worth visiting.

    The seating arrangement, film selection, show times, and customer service were superb, no doubt.

    However, this cinema is more expensive when compared to other cinemas in Dorchester.

    As for me, Odeon Dorchester is a good cinema that is worth visiting, but it is not the best cinema in Dorchester, I would rather go with Plaza Cinema

    The Plaza cinema is super affordable and also offers everything you will find at Odeon Dorchester.