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10 Best Restaurants In Athens, Alabama

    Looking for the best restaurants in Athens, Alabama? We got you.

    Athens is located in Limestone County, in the northern part of Alabama, and it has a population of about 25406 people.

    Just as Athens is home to a lot of amazing restaurants, it is also home to a lot of amazing tourist attractions like U.G. White Mercantile, Athens State University & Athens Saturday Market.

    Due to the number of restaurants in Athens, choosing a restaurant that is worth dining at can be a big task.

    After in-depth research and testing, we have curated a list of the best restaurants in Athens, Alabama.

    By the end of this post, you should be able to find a restaurant that serves the type of food you are craving.

    With that said, here are the best restaurants in Athens


    1. Ro’s Grille

    Been hearing so many mixed reviews about this restaurant, so I decided to check it out myself, and it was worth the visit.

    The rolls are very delicious, the atmosphere is excellent, the waiters are very accommodating, and the meals are super affordable too.

    We paid less than $20 for our salad and drink, and the appetizers were very affordable too.

    The lunch I had here was satisfying and didn’t cost too much.

    When it comes to burgers, I can say that Ro’s Grille has the best burger in Athens.

    It’s even better than what you can get at a fancy steakhouse or a fast food place.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I will give this restaurant a 9 out of 10

    Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 10:30 am – 7 pm, Friday & Saturday. 10:30am – 9pm

    Service Options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

    Recommended dishes: Fries, Shrimp Tacos, Hamburger Steak, Chicken Philly

    Address: Ro’s Grille, 300 Hobbs St E, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    Phone: +1 256-230-2716

    2. Burrito Express

    Burrito express, athen al

    When I saw the name of the restaurant, “Burrito Express,” I assumed that it would have a food-style menu like other fast food restaurants.

    However, to my greatest surprise, it turned out to be a nice sit-down restaurant with a wonderful menu.

    The name “Express” was fitting because they are very fast when it comes to attending to customers, you don’t have to stand in a line for a long period before you get your order.

    Another reason why I like this restaurant is because they offer a wide variety of they offer a wide variety of cuisines, they even have a special menu for children!

    You won’t leave the restaurant feeling hungry, and we even had enough food left over for another lunch.

    We also tried the shrimp burrito and the California quesadilla with beef, and they were outstanding!

    The shrimp was surprisingly huge, and the steak and vegetables were grilled perfectly.

    When it comes to hygiene, both the outside and inside the restaurant were very clean.

    This is one of the best of the best Mexican restaurants we’ve been to in Athens, Al, and we plan on returning soon.

    If you end up visiting this restaurant, I suggest you try their chips and salsa.

    Address: 220 French Farms Blvd Suite B, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    3. Mi Casa Restaurant

    Mia casa athens al

    Unlike other restaurants that can be found in the bustling part of the city, Mi Casa Restaurant is a special place that not everyone knows about.

    So if you’re the kind of person who prefers a restaurant with less crowd and a very chilled environment, then you should check this restaurant out.

    Apart from the amazing atmosphere here, the food is very tasty too.

    We tried the spicy pork and chorizo tacos, and it tasted way better than I thought it would.

    We also tried their tacos, rice, and beans are all yummy.

    Another thing I like about this restaurant is how affordable their food is, you don’t have to break the bank to have a good experience.

    The only downside is that they don’t serve beer or alcohol, they only serve authentic Mexican soft drinks.

    Address: 1221 Kelli Dr, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    4. Lucia Cocina Mexican Restaurant

    Lucia cocina athens al

    While we were exploring different parts of Athens, it was getting late, and then we came across Cocina Mexican Restaurant and decided to give it a try.

    We had a fantastic experience there and everything we tried was delicious!

    The street tacos are a must-try! They were incredibly fresh and packed with flavor.

    We also tried the chupacabra margarita—it had the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness.

    Not only was the food amazing, but the portions were huge, and the prices were fair, plus our waitress was very kind and attentive to our needs.

    Even though it was crowded when we went on a Friday night, we only had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated, and the food arrived quickly after that.

    We highly recommend giving this place a try!

    Address: 208 Market St W, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    Service options: Serves happy-hour food · Has fireplace · Serves vegetarian dishes

    5. Lucy’s Barge

    If you love the relaxed atmosphere of a beachfront restaurant and bar, then Lucy’s is the perfect spot for you.

    We had the opportunity to sit out on the barge while enjoying dinner.

    The live music created a lively ambiance, and we were treated to a beautiful view of the surroundings.

    Even though it was quite cold outside, the restaurant had heaters that kept us nice and warm throughout the evening.

    Highly recommend this place.

    Service options: Has outdoor seating · Doesn’t accept reservations · Has live music

    Address: 6049 Bay Village Dr, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    6. Chick-fil-A

    chick fil-A athen al

    This was my first visit to this I visited Chick-fil-A, and I must say, the quality of their chicken sandwich was the best I have ever had from any Chick-fil-A!

    It was cooked perfectly, with the right temperature, cut, crispiness, and size. I was really happy with it, although I didn’t manage to take any good pictures.

    Although there is no dine-in service available at the moment, they improved their drive-thru to make up for it!

    Even during busy times, with four lanes of traffic, they managed to get everyone through in less than four minutes with their food!

    The accuracy of the orders was also on point.

    Service options: Has outdoor seating · Serves vegetarian dishes · Has kids’ menu

    Address: 1291 US Hwy 72 E, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    7. Touchdown Wings

    touch down winngs athens al

    The chicken wings I had at this restaurant are some of the best chicken wings I’ve tasted in Athens, Alabama

    The wings are usually a good size, and the sauce they use is fantastic.

    We also tried their fries and the Philly cheese steak, and they were all delicious,

    Another thing I like about this restaurant is how affordable their food is and how big the food portions are, you don’t have to break the bank to fill yourself.

    The downside is that service can get slow at times, especially when there are many people to attend to.

    Address: Hwy 72 E Suite T, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    8. D&L Seafood & Grill

     D&L Seafood & Grill athens al

    If you’re someone who is into seafood and is looking for a good seafood restaurant in Athens, then you should visit D&L Seafood & Grill.

    We had the seafood gumbo with sausage and egg rolls as an appetizer, and they were absolutely delicious!

    For the main course, I suggest trying the large fried shrimp.

    The coleslaw is different from the usual vinegar-based ones, which is wonderful, especially when you pair it with the hush puppies.

    My friend had Shrimp Alfredo with broccoli, and we had to order a takeaway because it was very delicious.

    I was completely taken by surprise by how good the food was at this hidden gem of a location.

    You wouldn’t expect to find such amazing food in a strip mall setting, it just goes to show that great food can come from unexpected places.

    Address: 229 French Farms Blvd L, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    9. Casa Blanca

    Was craving some authentic Mexican street tacos & chips, so I decided to get one At Casa Blanca, and they were delicious.

    What made it even better for me was that they didn’t include any cilantro, which I’m not a fan of.

    The chips they served were hot and freshly made, and the salsa had just a hint of cilantro, which I could easily avoid.

    I particularly enjoyed the spicy red sauce that came with the street tacos, it has a smoky and spicy taste that added a kick of flavor to the dish.

    The only downside is that, even though this restaurant has a vegetarian section on its menu, these options contain cheese and are not suitable for vegans.

    However, the restaurants still have other tasty choices that people who are not core vegetarians can choose from

    Service options: Serves happy-hour food · Serves great cocktails · Serves vegetarian dishes

    Address: 1802 US Hwy 72 E, Athens, AL 35611, United States

    10. Samurai Steakhouse

    japanese samurai steak house athens al

    If you are looking for an authentic Japanese/Asian restaurant in Athens, Al that will not disappoint you, then I suggest you check this place out.

    It was our first time dining at this restaurant, and I’m very sure it will not be our last time.

    From the outside, the restaurant looks cramped, but it is very cozy inside, prices are cheaper than Shogun by a little bit on main dishes and a lot cheaper on sides and other stuff!

    The smoked salmon sashimi had way more flavor than any sashimi or sushi I have ever had, hands down, and I only paid $6 for it!!

    We had spring rolls for appetizers, and they were so fresh and crisp!

    We got the black dragon roll and caterpillar roll, (which weren’t on the menu yet) but they were delicious!!!!!

    Service was great as well!! Definitely won’t be going anywhere else

    The food was outstanding, the service was top-notch, and the overall ambiance of the restaurant was great.

    Address: 702 US Hwy 72 W, Athens, AL 35611, United States